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My name is Mathieu Vaassen the owner, creator and CEO of Room For Work. RFW is something unique and new that combines the best features of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, but slightly different focuses on people with all kinds of disabilities ranging from Autism, to different types of mental illness to physical disabilities like MS Cerebral Palsey.

A common denominator for all of these people is that far too few of them are on the inside of the job market, and many of them both want to and could be with very little backup from employers. it’s also a fact that far too many people with all kinds of disabilities does not partake in social networks of any kind.

At RoomForWork we fully believe that with our new platform we will be able to bring people together by engaging them with others with the same challenges as well as "learning" from each other and others with other challenges. Also creating a meeting place, a job pool and support options for all kinds of disabilities including legal support.

Our goal is to become a global force by including a very large group of people in the everyday life and by doing this not only gaining a lot of extra qualified work force but saving governments worldwide millions upon millions by making our members/users productive members of society and in many ways negating the need for multiple costly support functions currently in place for millions of people We are already speaking to many governments around the world and we have so far been very well received. i am writing to you to inform you that yes we are looking for people and companies who want to be a part of our RFW family, helping us to lift this unique platform into what it can be for millions of people.


Mathieu Vaassen
President & CEO at  RoomForWork
 1201 Orange Street | Suite 600 Wilmington, Delaware 19801
+49 151 511 50 221 
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